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Accounting Assignment Sample: Comprehensive Accounting Assignment Solution For Free

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The recording of the financial transaction, along with storing, cataloguing, recovering, summarizing, and presenting the results through the help of various reports and analyses, is referred to as accounting. Several students are keen towards pursuing accounting courses as they want to become successful in their careers by knowing the correct order and method of transaction and achieving the organization’s targets. Once they become proficient in accounting, they utilize their skills and knowledge for the easy financial operation of an organization. For that, students need to study hard and grasp all the concepts during their academic curriculum.

During this, they have to write different types of assignments for which they require accounting assignment samples to know the right procedure for completing an assignment. Since assignment plays an important role in their academic career to boost their grades, it is necessary to take the assignment seriously. If students find it tough to write an accounting assignment, they can take the help of an expert for the best accounting assignment solution and make their work easier.

Online Accounting Assignment Samples for Accounting and Finance Coursework

Sample1: A case study assignment sample is provided in Figure 1a and its related assignment questions are asked in Figure 1b

Question Requirements:

As per the case study, following were the requirements question (Figure 1b):

  • Customer segments
  • Customer relationships
  • Distributive channels
  • Revenue stream
  • Question is concerning strategic management

Answer Highlights:

As per the questions, following was inculcated while crafting the answer (Figure 1c):

  • Evidence-based answer with references
  • Key resources, key activities
  • BMC element and explanation 
  • Examples based answers
  • Interlinking with Value proposition, Revenue stream
  • Key partners and Cost structure.
Accounting Case study

Figure 1a: Case Study Assignment Sample 1 of Finance and Accounting.

question file on case study

Figure 1b: Question task file on case study Sample 1

Accounting case study answer

Figure 1c: Answer file based on case study Sample 1

Sample 2:  A case analysis of financial accounting is explained in Figure 2a and its related assignment questions are asked in Figure 2b.

Question Requirements:

As per Figure 2a the question is raised on below mentioned factors:

  • Setting a business as partnership and a private limited company
  • Cash produce budget for first business year
  • Function of budget
  • The NET present value (NPV),
  • Internal rate of return (IRR)
  • Accounting rate of return (ARR)
financial accounting case study

Figure 2a: Case study scenario Sample 2 of financial accounting

question file case study

Figure 2b: Question file on case study Sample 2

solution regrading to case study one

Figure 2c: Complete solution for Sample 2 question one

solution regrading to case study two

Figure 2d: Partial Solution for Sample 2 question two depicting correct formation of cash budget and cash flow statement.

Online Accounting Solution Varies As Per Types Of Accounting

Before writing an accounting assignment, it is essential to know the different types of accounting. You can easily differentiate them and write an assignment as per the requirements. Below we have explained the major types of accounting:

Financial accounting: While studying financial accounting, students have to learn the process of aggregation, compiling, and production of financial information of an organization. They also get proficient in generating a financial statement used by the stakeholders. For writing an assignment on this subject, it is necessary to take help with accounting Assignment sample (Figure 3) and know the right procedure to write an assignment on it.

example of financial accounting

Figure 3: Example of financial accounting assignment task

Managerial accounting: This type of accounting generally focuses on the information used by internal operational reporting. For writing an assignment on it, you can read an accounting assessment sample (Figure 4) and get the correct technique to complete it.

example of managerial accounting

Figure 4: Example of managerial accounting assignment task

  • Tax accounting: All the matters that are related to the tax come under tax accounting. During this course, students learn how to calculate income tax and implement methods for tax returns. 
  • Cost accounting: This accounting is used for capturing the various costs of production and asses the cost like input and fixed costs. Students might find it a complicated task to write an assignment on cost accounting, and in such a situation, they can take the reference of the accounting assignment sample online. It helps them to get a better idea for writing a cost accounting assignment. 

Tips To Draft An Accounting Assignment Solution

Crafting accounting assignment covers summarizing, reporting, interpreting, classifying, and recording of the  data (Figure 5). To draft the best accounting assignment solution that’ll secure you top grades in your assignment, you need to ensure that you follow the following fundamentals while drafting accounting assignment answer:

solution regrading to accounting assignment

Figure 5: Essential components to draft accounting assignment solution

  • Before writing an assignment on accounting, you need to choose relevant examples to inculcate in your assignment 
  • Also, you need to develop a strategy to define the various arguments. 
  • Students should have a good level of knowledge of accounting applications and explain them accordingly in their assignments. You can also take the help of Assignment Sample experts. Who will assist you in writing your assignment as per the guidelines provided by your university. 
  • Make a proper outline of all the major and important information required for the accounting assignment.  
  • Discuss your assignment data and information with your mentor and friends to get feedback on your work.
  • Last but not least, proofread your assignment and edit the entire mistake before the final submission. 

Taking the support of a professional accounting assignment sample will help you to write an assignment without any discrepancies. If you still find any issues in dealing with the assignment, you can take the assistance of accounting assignment writing services. They will assist you in each step of your accounting assignment work.